Ambatty Greens Resort

One of my favourite places to visit and spend a relaxing weekend is non other than Coorg. The scenic views, warm localities and spicy food is everything I need when I am visiting that beautiful city. But the most important thing to remember while staying in Coorg is AMBATTY GREENS RESORT

With it’s breathtaking view of their golf course and delicious food, this resort has quickly become my favourite. I stayed their exactly for 24 hours and trust me when I say this, other than to attend our friend’s wedding for merely 2 hours, we did not leave the resort. From having a grand breakfast to enjoying an evening swim, Ambatty offers too many good things. Oh and it doesn’t stop here – they have bonfires in the night with an open ambience theatre to watch any movie you please.

If you are looking to relax and get entertained, this is the place for you!