Who can forget that time when the world had just moved from black and white to a colorful dream. When suddenly the fashion industry in India realized it’s importance and how trends became even stronger. We all know that movies is India has had a large impact on our lives from how we see the world to what we wear.

I think this is a pretty general phenomenon, that you see various things from the cinema being copied, mass produced and consumed, ranging from hairstyle, The Sadhana Cut, which basically meant having a little fringe, but it got its name from the Bollywood heroine: to having particular styles of salwar-suits, like the anarkali, having its roots in the movie “Mughal-e-Azam” to having particular forms of accessories, like caps with the word “friend”, being hugely popular after “Maine Pyar Kiya” came out. Movies just influence various forms of fashion. In India, fashion is not influenced by FTV….. it’s the cinemas. FTV’s had …..ahem…..other educational purposes.

After the introduction of colorful cinema, the country could finally see what colors or styles should they be wearing. While even during it’s black and white phase people’s interest towards fashion was noticable but it grew phenomenally when colors were introduced.

The style that I am wearing is an evergreen one. It’s one of India’s most epic looks that will live forever. A patch work Saree in the colors that are modern yet have the charm of olden days with a self printed blouse that adds finer details such as the trims on the neckline and sleeves. Those heels, flower and Rayban worn like I have just stepped out of a 1980’s movie. But having said that, the attitude is as modern as it can be.


This beautiful number that is a must for all women is Designed by BINDU by Nidhi Sharma.

Kitten heels from a store in Karol bagh, Delhi.

Sunglasses – ALDO

Hair Accessory – Wardrobe

AMAZING visualization by AKASH PATEL – https://www.instagram.com/a__capture/


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