Be More Like Me

Everyone has been through the same situation. Be it your parents, friends, bosses or even a complete stranger, they have told you to “Be More like Her/ Him” Sometimes even we tell ourselves to be like someone else.

It’s good to be inspired by others and follow their path since you believe in them or what they do. But every now and then it’s important to feel good and important about yourself. The more you believe in yourself the more confident you’ll get. So this woman’s day I request all you amazing women out there to be more like yourself and give others your example. We all have faced hardships and come out with flying colours, so why should we be so humble that we don’t count ourselves amongst those who have achieved greater heights?

So I am beginning a chain here and I request you to do the same and let the world know a proud YOU.

“I want others to be more like me because I am passionate and positive like nobody else! I pay high attention to the smallest things I do in life, be it my gardening, my blogging or my profession, I am always looking to be soaked in by it”. 

Be More Like Me.

I Feel Powerful and Confident just by sharing this with others.

Shot by Yash @cature_edit_repeat