Blur Traditions

My mother is my inspiration and I couldn’t have thought of a better person than her to collaborate for this story.
I have come to this realization that there is no line between traditional wear and modern. A traditional saree can look as modern as you want it to and Visa versa. So here is my mum and me blurring the lines even further.

Here we are in 2 vey different kind of sarees but I am sure you can’t tell which one is traditional and which is modern.

My Mother is wearing this silk saree with a black border with a simple saree blouse, but the fact that she has her shades on and her hair on one side just makes it look that modern.

I am wearing this beautiful black and red saree and blouse with Gota work which is extremely modern looking but the way I have kept my hair down and my make up simple has just made it look that much traditional.

So don’t be scared of buying a modern looking saree or an extremely traditional piece as in the end it’s up to you on how you make it look.

Shot – OMI OmkarĀ

Wearing – The Khadi Staple (on me)

My Mother – Amama Love Jewerly

Saree – Nalli (on my mother)