Frost yourself!

While it’s chilly outside, it is also the last few weddings on your list. We all have done enough of ethnic the traditional way, so why not try something fresh! For the next wedding, get yourself a simple gown, it won’t cost much. Frost in a simpler language means diamond like embellishment. I got this gown for my brother’s engagement and I have already worn it as is. This time to make it look slightly different, I follow THE ICE QUEEN theme.

Layer the dress up with something more embellished in white or pearls. It’s elegant and of rich taste (avoid color). Now to still give it that queen effect, I wore my frost necklace as a crown. Light make up and simple blowdried hair to keep the balance right. Try it and share your views!


Mint Blue Gown by FOREVER NEW –

Embellished net sleeveless jacket by SANDHYA SANDEEP

All Jewelry by personal sourcing from different vendors


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