We all have decided to wear sarees occasionally. Majorly for weddings or few other events, completely neglecting the world’s most dynamic apparel. Saree is something that has been worn by our mothers, grand mother’s and aunts for almost all occasions. From work to dinners, they have worn it with grace, style and variation. How is it that we cry about the discomfort or say it’s boring? When actually even designers and our cinema are trying there best in giving out a modern day saree that can be worn for almost anything.

I dedicate this post to work wear sarees and the way we can make it modern and easy to wear. This beautiful chiffon saree with a bold border is an amazing piece to experiment with. Remember how we all have seen our mothers in long coats over sarees? I am simply adapting it and to keep my leg movement easy, a pair of cotton flare pants to walk in a saree without Complaining. It’s a look that makes me look stylish at the same time keeping the attitude strong and serious. These boots to add to the bold look and my hair straight down coz I like it simple 🙂

The colors and prints complement each other so well don’t you think?

This beautiful chiffon saree by THE KHADI STAPLE

Open Summer jacket and black peep toes booties by FOREVER 21

Photographed by GIRISH



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