Inspired Monsoon

Every time when the sky opens and there is a heavy downpour, people lose interest in dressing and going out of their houses. But this is the right season to organize a fresh looking wardrobe, wear subtle colors and have a fashion fiesta. Saggy clothes and wet boots are a part of the monsoon, but right choice of accessories, will help to dodge the puddles and give a trendy look. The first and best clothing would be a long summer jacket. Any clothing ranging from tops, skirts, and dresses will go with the season, while a knee length costume would best sustain the monsoon spirit.
The right combination of colorful accessories makes the monsoon attire all the more appealing. Aqua colored earrings and pretty hair accessories match for monsoon clothing. These colorful and trendy accessories can be teamed with any outfit. A pair of comfortable sneakers should be good for a long walk. A girlish jewelry like single pendant and bold earrings accessories give a sporty look for the rainy season. Beautiful earrings made of stones make a trendy fad.


Long Summer Jacket  and cold-shoulder top by POSTFOLD

Beige Tulle Skirt by Forever 21

Blue Statement earrings by – SPADESTYLE

Amazing Visualization by – Dhaval Gajjar

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