Jones Knows betting column: Nice guys Norwich and Huddersfield tipped for relegation

Having a punt this weekend? What betting chances are on the market? Jones Knows if anybody knows.
The title behind this tipping column is coming under scrutiny.
Everything felt so fresh.
I thought:’Jones Knows’ will develop into a god along with all his legion of followers closing down every bookmaker one by one. The name traces of that tongue. How catchy. How amazing. Sky Sports hasn’t seen anything like this before. Jones Knows. Me, Jones Knows.
Only four weeks after….Jones Knows is on the ground, surrounded by losing wagers, ridicule from coworkers and a deteriorating betting balance of -10 points.
A so-called mate proposed:”Jones Knows, you state? You should get done from the The Trade Descriptions Act, pal.”
My mind hunted for a comeback. I had no instant response. Bang to rights. Hands kept up.
Excuses are my automatic go-to for scenarios such as this but I’m fronting up. The way to react is to get down my thoughts, continue to come across angles, stick to my gut and a little prayer. I believe I have discovered a beauty this week do read on.
Due to poor form I wasn’t chosen for duty. We’re swerving a look at the feast of football on Sky Sports this weekend and instead, including some firepower into the ante-post portfolio, which gets off to a solid if unspectacular start – as viewed below. Leicester, Jamie Vardy along with Nathan Redmond, continue moving lads.
Remember, whatever I tip, I back. We’re in this together, comrades. Dim the lights, it is time to determine whether Jones Knows…
Plaudits have been showered all over Norwich this season for their courageous and free-flowing style of play. Despite just winning one of the four opening matches it appears Daniel Farke’s guys is going to be the Premier League puppy this year which gets stroked on your mind and tickled by all concerned. I am not needing it.
Even the bookmakers have apparently jumped onto the Norwich bandwagon, pricing them up at odds-against from the relegation marketplace (11/10) and making them the most likely team to finish bottom (11/2).
This is news.
On what we’ve seen so far, moving forward they’re fairly and appealing doors that are lethal before goal using Teemu Pukki finding his feet but defensively they’re making it much too simple for gamers with Premier League caliber to generate hay.
The way his team is set by Farke up, it’s finding a rhythm inside their attacking play and about confidence – as we’ve seen, he won’t change.
This streaky philosophy is going to be hard to keep with targets going in contrary to them and shedding runs no uncertainty impacting the notion of Farke’s manner of playing.
It is simply way too easy to score against Norwich – and clean sheets are crucial to survival as Fulham showed last year. The objectives against column is currently into double figures (10) but more worryingly they’ve faced 27 shots on target – the maximum from the Premier League. That suggests the chances Norwich are providing are very presentable to attackers – as seen in their own beats to Chelsea and West Ham, also, goalkeeper Tim Krul has made 11 saves – only Hugo Lloris has produced more (12).
Norwich could function as Premier League guys that are nice, but what exactly is it that they say about nice guys? They finish last.
Another team which have received far too many pats on the back for mediocrity are Huddersfield, that are at a profound, profound, rut.
The drop down a level has not triggered a reaction along with the losing mentality at the club is proving hard to shake. After taking one stage from the first six matches, it means they have only won once in their last 31 league fixtures and stay without a full-time boss using Danny Cowley, Chris Hughton and Lee Bowyer all reportedly staying clear of everything could be a career-denting project.
Results thus far have cried relegation applicants – as do their performance information. Huddersfield rank bottom of the heap for total shots within the box (26) and rolls from the opposition box (80) indicating a obvious inability to put teams under any sort of pressure in games. Defensively also, it doesn’t make great reading.
They have conceded 30 shots on goal – the fourth worst in the league while a yield from losing positions of regaining no issues does not paint a picture that was great concerning their ability to deal with set-backs.
This mentally fragile state Huddersfield find themselves isn’t a situation to get a recently relegated Premier League side. Sunderland and Wolves both have suffered back-to-back relegations. It sometimes happens.
Clubs in the divisions of English football in the last 10 seasons that have picked up less or one point in the first six matches suffer relegation 50 per cent.
It gets the 5/2 available on Huddersfield to be relegated look like a present when you examine the confidence issues within the bar along with that statistic with their performance information.
That price equates to a 28.6 per cent chance of these suffering relegation. I am no maths genius however, the probability should be double that. We are getting the chance to back an even money chance at 5/2 here. Punish them.
Just what does it take to land your most 6 jackpot prize? Well, Ian Leggat from Leicester is your man.
As he predicted six scores Henri Lansbury’s disallowed effort for Aston Villa along with kurt Zouma’s own-goal last weekend landed him.
I have been motivated by his efforts. I can see similarities between people. For six months in a row prior to winning the jackpot Ian didn’t get one score that is correct – to his seventh attempt he picked all six results.
That is the best way to bounce back, folks.
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