There was a time in my life when I couldn’t get out of bed, the thought of going back to work made me sick. There would be millions of ideas running in my head which I knew would fly, but a hand would be shown to me saying I am too young to decide what’s best or simply they didn’t want to know. Week after week, year after year I became older, wiser and smarter but the hand didn’t move. Something had to change, so I decided to change companies, circles, councillors and even my way of working. It didn’t help.

Finally, I decided to take matters in my own hands and do what I wanted to without some “manager” or an insecure colleague telling me it’s not possible or the idea won’t fly. One year down the line I have my own website with genuine engagement and Vogue Italia featuring my work. Now people message me, just to leave a compliment on my concepts and ideas.

Take it from me, don’t let anyone tell you you are not good at something. No one has that right. If you believe in yourself, do what you want to and the world will follow. It might take weeks or years but at least it’s not for someone else who will never give you the chance you deserved.

Take matters in your own hands.

Off Shoulder top by POSTFOLD


Dress from Sarojini Nagar