My Bollywood Wedding

Though I wanted a simple wedding, mine turned out to be a complete Bollywood affair! It’s been more than a year and I still run into someone who won’t stop talking about that day. So I thought why not share those moments with you all.



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I love Rajasthan! Their cloths, jewellery everything seems so colourful and rich. So of course that was my inspiration. My outfit was from some unknown designer in Hauz khaz Village and trust me, I did not blow up all my saving on it. I deliberately kept my lehenga (skirt) light but with a lot of volume and did not let it drag on the ground creating unnecessary fuss for me. My main jewellery was a wedding present from my elder brother and beautifully went with my attire. Oh and I have a problem with our traditional bangles (chuda) they look weird, and so I combined them with kundan kadas to make them look aesthetically pleasing.  In my opinion, to all those Punjabi girls who are thinking of getting married, please don’t spoil your outfit with a huge set of those bangles. They are plastic and so look cheap. Wear a small pair of those just for the colour ( and to keep your family happy) and finish them with big gold kadas. Trust me you will look amazing!

My husband wanted to look simple yet classy so he went for a traditional dhoti kurta and a sharp cut Nehru jacket to give the outfit more structure. The colours were light as he is not fond of busy and bright ones. You know 2 major mistakes that mostly all grooms do is to wear a stitched turban and force jutti’s (type of shoes) with whatever outfit they are wearing. First of all, a turban needs to look like a turban and not a sag of cloth on which someone sat accidentally. It has to have a form and that can only be achieved by being hand tied straight on your head.  Second of all, Jutti looks good if you are going for a complete maharajah look, not if you plan to wear a fusion outfit. So my husband did it right, he got his brocade, pearl finish turban tied right on his head instead of a dummy and wore a smart pair of leather sandals that complemented his whole earthy fusion look.

If you want any advice on your wedding outfit, Indian or Western just comment below and I’ll do my best!