The Sabyasachi Effect

If I were rich, my wardrobe would have had nothing other than Sabyasachi. I am so in love with his creations that I try looking for something similar for my regular wear with my small pocket 🙂 This skirt I found in BIBA which reminded me of his latest collection -The big floral skirts with striped blouses. Since I wanted to wear it for a short trip near Mysore, I decided to team it up with a Vero Moda crop top. The nose ring is something I got made from a local jewellery designer who is pretty good. So here you go. A weekend with Sabya!


IMG_20150718_092007 IMG_20150718_100151 IMG_20150718_100258 IMG_20150718_100339 IMG_20150718_100343 IMG_20150718_100344 IMG_20150718_100353 IMG_20150718_100509 IMG_20150718_110026 IMG_20150718_110144 IMG_20150718_110232 IMG_20150718_110238  IMG_20150718_110254