I don’t want to be defined or confined by what society thinks of me. As a blogger I don’t wish to just wear pretty clothes but event turn them into a statement that TPPG feels. Blogging for me is not just wearing clothes and looking good in them, it’s about painting a picture of who I really am and what I have always inspired to do.

I started my career as a stylist 10 years back and wanted to be an editor. While I did all of that, but I realised that whatever I do with-in an organisation is still for them and will be done basis them. NOT ME. So I started my blog in the hopes of creating my own. Truly. I have so many ideas that I keep sharing with the organisations I work for but they would dismiss them, so I decided to use them for my blog and videos! And here I am, no less than any editorial (not to brag).

One thing I know I have full confidence in – are my aesthetics and style and choosing the right team!

Hope you agree to that 🙂


Shot – Girish Rajput

Wearing – Pernias PopUp Shop