Wake Me Up

Have you ever been in that position when your Saturday was either too eventful or too boring, leading to a extremely sleepy-self. Well I have! And under such circumstances I went out in the evening without making much effort expecting invisible powers but instead ended up looking effortlessly gorgeous!

This look is for people like me 🙂 Natural hair, minimal make up but a kick-ass outfit by Pushpak which is equally comfortable to move in. In fact, I would love to go back to bed in this princess look, it’s that awesome. I think for all those beautiful women who would want the world to know that effortless beauty is the best, should try this look for sure.


Beige Jumper with mirror work by PUSHPAK VIMAAN https://www.facebook.com/Pushpak-Vimaan-465588403581582/

Embroidered clutch from a local store


Amazing photography by Anu John David who is also known for his wedding photography – https://www.facebook.com/anujohndavid



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