Wardrobe Lessons

It’s such a surprise to people when I wear evening wear outfits for day plans. They are amused at the thought that something that stylish or “Partywear” can be worn to work or leisure.

How many of actually party every night? Or in-fact repeat out evening or special occasion outfits with-in the same month? Not many right. Have you ever thought that when we say we don’t have enough clothes to wear every morning, we are totally ignoring a perfectly good section of clothing that can be worn to work if worn in the right way?

Yes! that’s it. All you need to do is look subtle. Even though the outfit is satin or velvet or a deep neck, these rules will keep you sorted and away from drilling a hole in your pocket.

  1. Make up & Hair

I am sure that a lot you out there don’t prefer make up or heavy make up when you are at work. Me too! So lesson number one my friend is very simple. Even though our outfit is expensive and for you it falls under evening wear, you can balance it for work by just keeping it simple. No or little make up (like Kajal or lipstick) is good for the day. You don’t need those smokey eyes or heavy base as you are probably going to spend your day at the desk or around town for work. You don’t need to tong or blow-dry your hair babe. All you need is a simple bun or pony keeping it slick and smart.

2. Footwear

There are days when you wear heels to work, but this outfit is not that outfit. Sneakers have taken over the world and it is absolutely alright to wear it with a dress as dressy as this. It helps you look more casual and chic. But for those girls who are pretty confident, well go ahead and wear your basic pumps or heels to just add more height or posture. Who am I to disagree!

3. Mix It Up

So the dress has a deep neck and noodle strap like the one I am wearing. You don’t want to wear it as is and be “that” girl, so cover it up. Add one of your basic smart tee or shirt to hide your sexy cleavage and to look more professional. This rule can even be applied to evening wear tops. You can simply add a tee or shirt under the top and wear them with super formal pants. It surely adds a lot of style to one’s look.

So there you go, now you will have no problem turning your 9 pm outfit to a 9 am one.

Shot By OMI OMKARĀ https://www.instagram.com/omiiee_omkar/